Musings Of An Idiot

  • Thought for the day

    No Comments September 1, 2003

    Standing in a church every Sunday makes you a Christian as much as standing in a garage makes you a car. more

  • European Patentability Rules Protest

    No Comments August 29, 2003

    I lifted the following paragraph from the Apache site: On September 1st the European Commission is going to vote a revised version of the European Patentability rules. The proposed revision contains … more

  • TWAT

    No Comments August 26, 2003


  • I am officially old...

    No Comments August 23, 2003

    ...says the wife! Oh well, 33 today. So, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me... Roll on the beer! more

  • DHTML Lemmings!

    No Comments August 22, 2003

    This just has to be one of the coolest things I've seen on the 'net for a long time. Lemmings, implemented entirely in DHTML. You'll find it here. Thanks Seb for letting me know about this one! more

  • Repton.NET 0.04 Alpha

    No Comments August 21, 2003

    OK, now we're getting somewhere - this is looking more and more like a playable game! Things still left to do include: Allow Repton to be killed (fairly vital really!) Hatch eggs when dropped … more

  • Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

    No Comments August 19, 2003

    I saw this posted over at Lambda, and had to link to it myself. Let's face it, this is the sort of rubbish the internet is great at! It's a Flash quiz that simply asks if you can identify from ten … more

  • Repton.NET 0.03 Alpha

    No Comments August 18, 2003

    A new build of Repton.NET has been made available over at GotDotNet, so please drop over and have a look. Updates in this version include: Repton is now animated as he moves around the map ' … more

  • India

    No Comments August 16, 2003


  • Flying

    No Comments August 16, 2003

    I finally got around to taking the Flying Lesson that Bec gave me as my Christmas present. I'm glad that I waited until now, because the conditions today were absolutely perfect for flying - the … more

  • Zak's Progress

    No Comments August 15, 2003


  • Sorry BlogX...

    No Comments August 15, 2003

    I joined the BlogX project a while ago, expecting great things from it. But unfortunately, nothing has happened on the Workspace over at GotDotNet for some considerable amount of time; files have … more

  • Repton.NET 0.02 Alpha

    No Comments August 15, 2003

    I've released a new alpha version on Repton.NET on GotDotNet (see previous posts for link). As ever, anyone wanting to join in the development of this project please sign up there. more

  • Repton.NET Screenshots

    No Comments August 13, 2003


  • Repton.NET Workspace

    No Comments August 12, 2003

    I've created a new Workspace on GotDotNet for the Repton.NET project, and anyone interested in joining the project can sign up there. I've restarted the project (yet again) but it would be good to … more

  • That's it, I'm getting a vasectomy!

    No Comments August 9, 2003

    Well, after being told that we would never have kids (my problem mainly) we've currently got two of the little buggers. India who's 2 and a bit years and Zak who's 4 months. … more

  • Set list for 9 Aug

    No Comments August 5, 2003

    For those who are thinking about coming down to Finn M'Couls on Saturday to hear the awesome (!) Shirley Temple Pilots, here's the running order: Kill The King [Rainbow] Basket Case [Green Day] … more

  • Hollywood's file-sharing plea badly backfires

    No Comments July 25, 2003

    Nice article on; I have to point out I've not seen the advert yet. Maybe I will when the next batch of cinema pirated VCD's wing their way over the pond. … more

  • Next Stop Nowhere

    No Comments July 25, 2003

    While I was having something to eat for lunch today, I flicked on the TV to find - joy of joys - Quincy M.D. on ITV yet again. I'd only just finished listening to Stiff Little Fingers' Inflammable … more

  • Forthcoming Gigs

    No Comments July 15, 2003

    I was emailed recently (hi Kirsty!) asking for a gig list for the Shirley Temple Pilots (the South West's most appalling covers band). We've not got a lot on at the moment (mostly my fault due to … more