Musings Of An Idiot

  • Smack The Pingu

    No Comments January 26, 2004

    Childish, stupid and completely amoral. In other words, great fun! more

  • Childless

    No Comments January 26, 2004

    Bec and I managed to palm our kids off with grandparents for a weekend, so we could get away and enjoy ourselves for probably the last time before offspring number three makes an appearance. Bliss. … more

  • Free Sounds

    No Comments January 21, 2004

    Gawd bless 6Music and the marvellous Andrew Collins. Once again I've won a stack of CDs from them for answering a ridiculously easy question - how cool is that? This time around they've sent me: … more

  • Hamster Ball

    No Comments January 15, 2004

    OK, it's official. This is the best Marble Madness inspired game ever. Truly awesome! One of the threads over at has a link to the beta version of Hamster Ball which I tried … more

  • Blank Expression

    No Comments January 12, 2004

    It's all happening today; my new FX5600 Ultra card has just decided to give up the ghost. Great. Luckily I've still got my old Ti4200 card that I hadn't got around to selling on eBay just yet, so I'm … more

  • First Steps

    No Comments January 12, 2004

    Bec just called me to say that Zak has just taken his first steps on his own. Why is it that things like this always happen when I'm not around? :) more

  • The Naked Coder

    No Comments January 12, 2004

    I hope to God that Don Box isn't suggesting that he's going to be coding in his birthday suit in public! more

  • Warning Forever

    1 Comment January 10, 2004

    I've come across an absolutely fabulous vertically scrolling shooter called Warning Forever which you can find here: The site is in Japanese so I've … more

  • Kids at Christmas

    No Comments January 4, 2004

    Both India and Zak were spoilt rotten over Christmas this year. Zak was understandably overwhelmed by the whole occasion, but India loved every moment. Anyway, a couple of pictures:   more

  • Killer Biscuits Wanted For Attempted Murder

    No Comments December 15, 2003

    I got sent this great little piece in my inbox today but unfortunately, much as I'd love to belive it, it's an urban myth. Anyway, it's still a great joke so here it is: KILLER BISCUITS WANTED FOR … more

  • Repton.NET 1.0

    No Comments December 15, 2003

    Well, it's done! Many, many thanks to Chris Marshall for all the effort he put in to the game. (723.45 KB) If anyone wants to extend the game (or simply find out how bad my … more

  • Cross your legs!

    No Comments December 15, 2003

    I'll admit it, I'm a wimp. For three very good reasons (India, Zak and the soon to be announced offspring Version 3.0) I've decided that at some point soon I'm going to have to get a vasectomy. … more

  • Repton.NET 0.06 Alpha

    No Comments October 20, 2003

    I can't take any of the credit for the latest updates to Repton.NET; I've been totally snowed under with other work, and therefore haven't been able to do any development for the past month or so. … more

  • JetBrains to provide C# addin for VS.NET

    No Comments October 14, 2003

    This is great news; hopefully we'll now get some decent refactoring tools available in VS.NET (something that the current IDE is sorely missing). more

  • Repton.NET 0.05 Alpha

    No Comments September 24, 2003

    Chris has made a start on the monsters - he's got eggs cracking properly and made several other tweaks to my crufty code. Enjoy! Repton.NET.0.05.msi (802.5 KB) more

  • New Lizard Fan

    No Comments September 23, 2003

    Just a quick note to welcome Chris Marshall to the Repton.NET development team. He's only been on board for just over a day, and he's already making significant progress with my crufty code. Nice one … more

  • Steaming Pile

    No Comments September 16, 2003

    I knew I shouldn't have bothered. Everything that could have gone wrong last weekend went wrong (PC wise that is). My domain disappeared, I managed to screw up the DirectX rendering code for Repton. … more

  • Flash Memory

    No Comments September 15, 2003

    Is it just me, or is this the most pointless addition to memory modules yet? more

  • Noise at The Gander

    No Comments September 9, 2003

    Don't forget kids, the South West's most dreadful rock covers band is coming your way on Saturday 13th September. Get to The Gander in Bournemouth and be prepared to hear all your favourite … more

  • Thought for the day

    No Comments September 8, 2003

    If Wily E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that crap from Acme, why didn't he just order a takeaway? more