Repton.NET Reloaded

No Comments January 21, 2008

I was contacted the other day by someone who couldn't get my (now ancient) port of Repton 3 running under Vista; mostly because Microsoft seem to have hidden the .NET 1.1 runtime download (or made it more confusing than necessary for mere mortals to locate and install). Seeing as Vista comes with .NET 2.0 installed as standard, it seemed to make sense to rebuild the project using Visual Studio 2008 and targetting .NET 2.0.


You can download one of two flavours:


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    cpatt February 17, 2009 7:52 PM

    Hey man, great work on that game! I'm in the process of creating a tile-based MMORPG with SDLDotNet in C#.. I was just wondering if you could zip the source to your game and upload it somewhere for me? I'm sure our games have very similar architecture and I would just like to look over some procedures and methods to get some more ideas.. The repository link you listed a couple years ago is (obviously) down and I saw no other options so I decided to contact you. Thanks, harmonikk[at@]gmail[DOT.]com