Elevate Privileges Shortcut

No Comments November 30, 2006

I stumbled across a useful shortcut in Vista for elevating privileges; often you'll need to run a command prompt or another application as an administrative account (if you want to run bcdedit for example). One way is to bring up the Start menu with the Windows key, and type cmd (or the name of the application you want to start) - in a moment you'll see an icon for the command prompt. You can then right click the icon to get the "Run as administrator" option, or (and this is the useful bit!) simply press Shift-Control-Enter to execute as opposed to just Enter to execute and you'll be prompted by the ususal User Account Control dialog.

So, to recap:

  1. [Windows Key]
  2. Type name of application or executable name
  3. Shift-Control-Enter

Unfortunately this shortcut doesn't work with the Run dialog ([Windows] + R)

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