Doom 'System Shock' 3?

No Comments July 19, 2004

Many thanks to Andrew; he found scans of a PC Gamer review of the nearly-here Doom 3. The review: page 34, page 35, page 38, page 39, page 42, page 44. (Warning, there are some potential spoilers in the review, and in the rest of this entry).

What I found interesting was this section from the review:

As you make your way through the different levels of the base, the plot is revealed via the PDAs you pick up, and in brief conversations with the few NPCs who weren’t “turned” by the satanic attack. To make your way through the inevitably sealed-off access doors between levels, you’ll have to read through email that progressively reveals a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions — the nefarious scheme of psychotic Dr. Betruger, UAC’s chief scientist who’s perverted a teleportation experiment to open up a portal into a hell-like dimension. (Oh, and as if you couldn’t guess, Dr. Betroger is also keen on transporting his hellion army to Earth.)

Reading that reminded me of the venerable System Shock 2 (probably one of the creepiest games ever made) - which is no bad thing in my book. Oh, roll on August!

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