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No Comments January 21, 2004

Gawd bless 6Music and the marvellous Andrew Collins.

Once again I've won a stack of CDs from them for answering a ridiculously easy question - how cool is that?

This time around they've sent me:

  • Incubus - Megalomaniac [Promo]: Only the single track on this one, but an absolute corker. Sounds like I'm going to have to invest in the album when it comes out.
  • Razorlight - Stumble & Fall [Promo]: I'd never heard of this band before, but from the single track on this CD I'll keep a look out for them.
  • Lambchop - Selections from the albums AWCMON and NOYOUCMON: Absolutely brilliant stuff. It's a bit different to 'Is A Woman' - the sound is much more expansive and string laden. If the rest of these two albums match the quality of the six tracks here, they're going to be classics.
  • The Bumblebeez - Red Printz EP: I don't know quite what I was expecting with this one. I suppose with track titles like "Pink Fairy Floss" and "Fluffy White Rabbit", something from the Warp stable sprang to mind. Unfortunately its not. Messy, incoherent sub-par pub band stuff.
  • Paul Jackson & Steve Smith - The Push (Far From Here): Obviously produced on a shoestring, this seems to be an attempt at an indie/intelligent dance crossover. Not half bad.

Right, now lets see if there are any more competitions to win...

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