No Comments February 6, 2002

I've started work on a port of the classic Repton 3 for the BBC Micro - a game that took up far too much of my time when I was younger - to the .NET platform.


Considering the amount of time I've had to get the project underway (not a lot) and my unfamiliarity with the .NET framework (there's just so much in there...) I'm quite impressed with how far things have progressed.

I started by having a look at the KRepton port, and I've quite unashamedly nicked all the maps and graphics that were supplied with that version! The only difference is that I've converted all the sprite files to PNG as opposed to BMP. As the .NET framework can handle .PNG files natively, and also as I'm injecting all the images and maps into the final executable, it makes sense. At present, with all 21 map sets and related image files, the whole thing is weighing in at 300k.


At the moment, I've got the basics of the game in working order. Rocks fall correctly, keys open strongboxes, blips fly around the maze following the left hand wall switching cages into diamonds (albeit far too fast at the moment) and the main character is fully animated.

However, there's quite a lot left to do: as yet there's no scoring mechanism, there's no way to complete a level (crowns, bombs and timers don't work at present), monsters are not implemented, eggs don't crack and falling rocks don't kill you. Phew.

Anyway, as soon as there is a slightly more complete version, I'll post it to this site. You've been warned!

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