I'm Dreaming Of A Naff Christmas

No Comments December 17, 2001

There are times when I truly despair about people, and although my wife accuses me of being a "Bah! Humbug!" when it comes to Christmas decorations, it has to be said that there are some people who take things just a little too far. Couple that with the knowledge that Yeovil has never been known for its elegance or taste, and you have a recipe for disaster; in one case, absolutely literally.

So, armed with my digital camera, I took a couple of pictures of two of the worst offenders


The awful truth behind this atrocity is that we're not talking about just one house here. Oh no, that'd be too easy. What you're looking at here is actually the left hand side of two houses. Not only are they physically joined, but they're joined by an appalling dedication to tacky Christmas decoration.


And here's the right hand side. Oh dear...

Most people would reckon that that's about as bad as you can get. Unfortunately, this is Yeovil we're talking about here, and no it isn't... Check this one out for an example...


Notice here the subtle use of 'Santa' motifs, and the glowing snowmen on the front lawn. Hmmm, I think that someone at this house wants us to remember that it's the Yuletide, and as such needs to light up the front of his house in such a way as to completely distract motorists who have the audacity to drive past. It would be funny if it wasn't true; I didn't have time to take a picture, but I assure you that there is a car currently sitting outside this property, that has been completely written off as a direct result of this house.

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    Steve December 23, 2013 1:39 PM

    Hi, found your photos by googling 'naff xmas decorations' - they were exactly what I was after. I used one on my blog, with acknowledgement. If you want it removed, just let me know.