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  • Shirley Temple Pilots Not Dead Shocker

    No Comments April 7, 2009

    Yes, it's true; the Shirley Temple Pilots are going to be playing for the first time in ages at Finns in Weymouth on Sat 11th July. It'll be loud.... ;) more

  • Short Notice Gig

    No Comments January 3, 2006

    Drummer bloke phoned this morning to say we've got a gig at The Admiral Drake in Portsmouth this Friday (6th January).Watch out Pompey, the Shirleys are coming! more

  • Christmas Mayhem

    No Comments November 24, 2005

    For those insane souls who want to listen to something a little less festive over the, erm, festive period the Shirley Temple Pilots will be playing a couple of gigs to stretch your yuletide eardrums. … more

  • Gig Cancelled

    No Comments August 8, 2005

    The Shirley Temple Pilots were due to play at Finns this coming Saturday (the 13th August), but Drummer Bloke seems to have broken his hand which means we're minus a bongo player. So, … more

  • Don't Laugh

    No Comments January 25, 2005

    I've threatened on many occasions to make some MP3s available on this site of the worst band in the South West, the infamous Shirley Temple Pilots. Up till this point, common sense has prevailed … more

  • Gig Cancelled

    No Comments September 24, 2004

    I've just had a call from Drummer Bloke to say that The Swan in Southampton have cancelled the gig we were booked for tonight; not that I can blame them - we've buggered them around a few times over … more

  • Forthcoming Gigs

    No Comments July 16, 2004

    After a six month hiatus due to being sent to Israel and the arrival of Chloë, the South West’s worst rock covers band is back in business. For anyone remotely interested, the gigs we’ … more

  • Noise at The Gander

    No Comments September 9, 2003

    Don't forget kids, the South West's most dreadful rock covers band is coming your way on Saturday 13th September. Get to The Gander in Bournemouth and be prepared to hear all your favourite … more

  • Forthcoming Gigs

    No Comments July 15, 2003

    I was emailed recently (hi Kirsty!) asking for a gig list for the Shirley Temple Pilots (the South West's most appalling covers band). We've not got a lot on at the moment (mostly my fault due to … more

  • Last Pilots Gig

    No Comments March 31, 2001

    The last Shirley Temple Pilots gig I'll be able to do for a while went without a hitch (except for the comment about 'Babs Baps'...) With the now semi-official lineup of Jez Lee, Steve Perry, George … more