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  • Repton.NET Reloaded

    No Comments January 21, 2008

    I was contacted the other day by someone who couldn't get my (now ancient) port of Repton 3 running under Vista; mostly because Microsoft seem to have hidden the .NET 1.1 runtime download (or made it … more

  • CVS Access

    1 Comment September 8, 2005

    In case anyone is vaguely interested, I've set up a CVS repository where all my future development work will be hosted. This is on a machine at home, so please don't expect lightning fast response … more

  • Repton.NET - The Next Generation

    No Comments September 3, 2005

    I decided a while ago that it would be nice to get to grips with SDL, but what with one thing and another I never got around to it. However, a couple of weeks ago I came across some SDL bindings for . … more

  • Repton.NET 1.0

    No Comments December 15, 2003

    Well, it's done! Many, many thanks to Chris Marshall for all the effort he put in to the game. (723.45 KB) If anyone wants to extend the game (or simply find out how bad my … more

  • Repton.NET 0.06 Alpha

    No Comments October 20, 2003

    I can't take any of the credit for the latest updates to Repton.NET; I've been totally snowed under with other work, and therefore haven't been able to do any development for the past month or so. … more

  • Repton.NET 0.05 Alpha

    No Comments September 24, 2003

    Chris has made a start on the monsters - he's got eggs cracking properly and made several other tweaks to my crufty code. Enjoy! Repton.NET.0.05.msi (802.5 KB) more

  • New Lizard Fan

    No Comments September 23, 2003

    Just a quick note to welcome Chris Marshall to the Repton.NET development team. He's only been on board for just over a day, and he's already making significant progress with my crufty code. Nice one … more

  • Repton.NET 0.04 Alpha

    No Comments August 21, 2003

    OK, now we're getting somewhere - this is looking more and more like a playable game! Things still left to do include: Allow Repton to be killed (fairly vital really!) Hatch eggs when dropped … more

  • Repton.NET 0.03 Alpha

    No Comments August 18, 2003

    A new build of Repton.NET has been made available over at GotDotNet, so please drop over and have a look. Updates in this version include: Repton is now animated as he moves around the map ' … more

  • Repton.NET 0.02 Alpha

    No Comments August 15, 2003

    I've released a new alpha version on Repton.NET on GotDotNet (see previous posts for link). As ever, anyone wanting to join in the development of this project please sign up there. more

  • Repton.NET Screenshots

    No Comments August 13, 2003


  • Repton.NET Workspace

    No Comments August 12, 2003

    I've created a new Workspace on GotDotNet for the Repton.NET project, and anyone interested in joining the project can sign up there. I've restarted the project (yet again) but it would be good to … more

  • Repton.NET

    No Comments February 6, 2002

    I've started work on a port of the classic Repton 3 for the BBC Micro - a game that took up far too much of my time when I was younger - to the .NET platform. Considering the amount of time I've had … more