Musings Of An Idiot

  • Vista RTM - free!

    No Comments November 20, 2006

    Over the years I've been given a bunch of stuff by Microsoft; replacement keyboards for out of production units, replacement mice for malfunctioning drivers, Picture It! (which I'll admit I've never … more

  • SQL 2005 Upgrade Gotcha

    No Comments October 31, 2006

    Damn, this sorta thing makes me so mad....! I've just been fighting with a SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition upgrade at my employer; it should have been a simple upgrade from SQL Server 2000, but … more

  • XML Woes

    No Comments June 15, 2006

    Amongst the many roles I seem to undertake at my current employer (.NET Evangelist, NHibernate Evangelist, ATLAS Evangelist and so on), I also spend a large amount of my time dealing with XML … more

  • Hmmmm, toasty...

    No Comments January 30, 2006

    The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - … more

  • Microsoft Technical Support Rules!

    No Comments January 27, 2006

    ... and no I'm not being sarcastic either. It has to be said; Microsoft does make some of the best PC hardware around. Like a lot of people, I've been using their mice for some considerable time, but … more

  • Short Notice Gig

    No Comments January 3, 2006

    Drummer bloke phoned this morning to say we've got a gig at The Admiral Drake in Portsmouth this Friday (6th January).Watch out Pompey, the Shirleys are coming! more

  • Christmas Mayhem

    No Comments November 24, 2005

    For those insane souls who want to listen to something a little less festive over the, erm, festive period the Shirley Temple Pilots will be playing a couple of gigs to stretch your yuletide eardrums. … more

  • Never Mind The X-Factor

    No Comments October 26, 2005

    Last night, Bec and I went to watch the recording of an episode of "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" at BBC Television Center; I've not laughed so much in ages - Phil's team consisted of Tony Livsey (editor … more

  • India's First Day At School

    No Comments September 9, 2005

    We've just come back from dropping India off at her new school. Naturally, she had absolutely no fear and unlike some of the other children there she could not wait to get into the classroom to start … more

  • Shoehorned

    No Comments September 8, 2005

    We don't take memory as seriously as we used to - most computers nowadays have more memory than was dreamed possible twenty-odd years ago, and applications have expanded to fill the abundance … more

  • CVS Access

    1 Comment September 8, 2005

    In case anyone is vaguely interested, I've set up a CVS repository where all my future development work will be hosted. This is on a machine at home, so please don't expect lightning fast response … more

  • Repton.NET - The Next Generation

    No Comments September 3, 2005

    I decided a while ago that it would be nice to get to grips with SDL, but what with one thing and another I never got around to it. However, a couple of weeks ago I came across some SDL bindings for . … more

  • Transfer Completed

    No Comments August 31, 2005

    If you can read this, my domain has been successfully transferred from wwwserver to Netcetera. Whilst wwwserver provide an incredibly cheap Asp.NET hosting service and a very intuitive management … more

  • British Culture Sectioned

    No Comments August 15, 2005

    So, Davina McCall reckons that those of us who think that the nauseating Big Brother is obnoxious, vapid, mindless, soul-destroying crap are "pseudo-intellectuals who have never really watched it". … more

  • Lucy In The Sky With Shatner

    No Comments August 10, 2005

    If you've never heard William Shatner murdering the Beatles classic Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds before, you've missed out on a truly horrific moment in popular culture. Head on over to http://www. … more

  • Gig Cancelled

    No Comments August 8, 2005

    The Shirley Temple Pilots were due to play at Finns this coming Saturday (the 13th August), but Drummer Bloke seems to have broken his hand which means we're minus a bongo player. So, … more

  • Vista First Impressions

    No Comments July 29, 2005

    I downloaded a copy of Windows Vista Beta 1 last night (legitimately I might add) and installed it on my 3Ghz workhorse system first thing this morning. Installation itself was a breeze - I'd already … more

  • Bela Lugosi's Dead

    No Comments July 16, 2005

    Joy of unbounded joys, Ed Wood's seminal (and truly abysmal) film Plan 9 From Outer Space has been released to the great unwashed under the Creative Commons Public Domain license. Thanks to the … more

  • BlogMap

    No Comments July 12, 2005


  • 8 bit Memories

    1 Comment June 23, 2005

    I was reminiscing with some of the younger developers at my workplace about the systems that they grew up with, and rather predictably it seems that most of them have grown up knowing nothing else … more