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No Comments February 9, 2015

I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop across the road from my new offices, nervous as hell, waiting for the moment to walk over and introduce myself to my new work colleagues.

Before I do, it seems fitting that my previous working chapter should be brought to a close, and so I just wanted to publicly say thanks to everyone that I worked with at Clarks - be they permanent members of staff or contractors (let's face it, some of the contractors were there so long they might as well have been permanent). The working atmosphere there was friendly and relaxed, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed the vast majority of my tenure there.

In addition, I'm immensely proud of the work that was achieved on the eCommerce platform; given then constrains that we had to work with, the performance and stability of the system is remarkable and a huge testament to the hard work and effort that went into to.

With that in mind I'd like to call out particular thanks to a few people:

  • John Day; your CSS and HTML skills were invaluable. There's no way we could have beaten the responsive site into shape without you
  • Gordon Barrs; you taught me the most important word of my development career - "coincidence". I reckon there's an entire DevWeek talk in those four syllables. Care to help me write it?
  • Jeff Gleed; thanks for beating the device awareness and view engine code into shape - oh, and for taming Coremetrics!
  • Allan Brunskill; one of the most reliable developers I've known. If the code has been tested by Allan, it's been tested...
  • Michael Linsley; thanks for the support and the push to better myself. It's a shame that the direction of the company didn't match our vision.
  • Andy Derbyshire; it's your fault that I started speaking at conferences. Yours and copious amounts of beer one fateful evening at the Barbican. But mainly your fault.

Last but definitely not least, a special mention should be made of Simon Hazelton who tragically died of a heart attack on his way home. Even though he was only working with us for a short period, his impact was immense.

I wish Clarks all the best, and I know the IT department will go from strength to strength.

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