Software Architect 2014 Revisited

No Comments October 18, 2014

So, the Software Architect conference is over for another year and it's had it's highs and lows. First of all, the conference itself was great - the keynotes from Neal Ford and Allen Hollub were thought provoking, Michael Kennedy convinced me one again that I really need to spend some time and learn MongoDB properly.

My talk on TypeScript seemed to go really well; there were some great questions along the way, and despite being the first afternoon session after lunch there were no sleepers. All in all, the first day of the conference ended up on a high. So, it was a massive shame that things went so wrong on Thursday.

I had the one of the first sessions of the day to give my talk on Auto Mocking Containers - given that this got a good reception when I first gave it at DevWeek 2014 I had no reason to think this session would be any different. Unfortunately (especially for a demo-driven talk) the live coding went awry very quickly - for what it's worth, I created the demo project using the Web\Visual Studio 2012\ASP.NET Empty Web Application template as opposed to the Web\ASP.NET Web Application template. Of course, once I'd realised it was far too late to recover I'll admit that panic set in along with an unhealthy dose of imposter syndrome...

So, am I going to give up on my fledgling speaking career? Not on your life. Apart from this failure, my other talks have gone well and the experience has been positive; I think it's fair to say that I won't be giving the Auto Mocking talk again, but I've got some great ideas for DevWeek 2015. Onwards and upwards!

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