Shambo-lic High Court Ruling

No Comments July 16, 2007

Here we go again; why is it that the moment a group of people invoke their own version of the ‘magical sky-fairy’ myth, they're imbued with some form of special privilege? Today’s case in point is the frankly idiotic ruling by the High Court to quash a destruction order on Shambo the bullock - because somehow, even though the animal has been diagnosed with Bovine Tuberculosis (which is highly infectious, and puts other livestock at risk) it's spared the abattoir because it'll put some lunatic religious adherents’ noses out of joint.

Why should the ‘religious principles’ of a minority be allowed to run roughshod over the laws by which the rest of the country must abide by? For crying out loud, it’s just an animal – before it contracted TB it might have made a nice steak or five – it shouldn’t earn special protection by virtue of a small community of (probably well-meaning but completely deluded) monks venerating it.

And as for those 20,000 imbeciles who’ve signed an online petition to save the animals’ life – what if Shambo had been, say, a swan had been found with H5N1 Avian Influenza and was being worshipped, would you petition to save its life as well?

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