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As a long standing atheist (product of a Roman Catholic education), I have long been uneasy about the grip on education exerted by various religious groups – be they Islamic, Church of England, Roman Catholic or Pastafarian.

One of the presents I was given over the festive period was Richard Dawkins' superb "The God Delusion" (yes, I am aware of the irony) - a book which I suspect will only be preaching to the converted, because those that really need to read it will have had their minds long closed to the uncomfortable truth. This tome has convinced me that it's about time that atheists stood up to religion in areas such as education - there is no excuse in this day and age for any institution to promote one divisive creed above another, and with the rise of nut-job fundamentalists who are determined to promote rubbish such as Creationism and 'young-earth' doctrine the need to take a stand has never been greater.

Why on earth should my daughter be indoctrinated by the school she attends?

For those that feel the same way as me, I would urge you to visit this online petition and make your feelings known. It's unlikely to have an immediate effect (especially with our current Prime Minister), but over time it might serve to influence future occupants of Number 10. We can but hope.

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