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No Comments November 20, 2006

Last week, Microsoft quietly released Windows Powershell 1.0 (formally known as Monad) to the world. This is a great piece of technology that's worth taking some notice of - it's destined to become my Windows shell of choice; at least when a version for Vista is released. As it is, I'm stuck using it on my development laptop (running XP SP2). Previously, if I needed to do any form of complex scripting on a Windows box, I'd install Cygwin and knock something up in bash. Powershell will now take preference however; it ties in the .NET Framework with a scripting environment, so it gives me a library that I'm already familiar with (and one that I'm likely to be staying with for some time). As a quick example, how to display the number of days until Christmas using Powershell:

[String]::Format("{0} days until Christmas!", ([DateTime]"25 Dec 2006" - [DateTime]::Now).Days)

That's not to say that Cygwin is coming off my systems any time soon, I like having the GNU toolchain available (I'd be lost without rsync, ssh and wget), but for day to day scripting it'll be Powershell.

When it's available for Vista that is!

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