Never Mind The X-Factor

No Comments October 26, 2005

Last night, Bec and I went to watch the recording of an episode of "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" at BBC Television Center; I've not laughed so much in ages - Phil's team consisted of Tony Livsey (editor of the Daily Sport) and Blak Twang (can't say I've ever heard of him before).

On the other hand, Bill's team consisted of Jo Caulfield and the truly fruit-loop X-Factor finalist and ex-Happy Mondays backing singer Rowetta. Naturally she stole the show, but unfortuately for her it was definately not intentional - she seemed to forget almost from the first second that she was filming a comedy quiz, and was convinced that Mark Lamarr was picking on her - but you can hardly blame him when she's coming out with (unprompted) anecdotes about how she once sat in Kim Basinger's urine. I kid you not.

Seeing as a lot of the content last night was not merely close to the knuckle but way past the elbow, it'll be interesting to see exactly how much they let in to the transmitted show. I'll never be able to look at a canteen of cutlery in exactly the same way again....

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