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  • India

    No Comments August 16, 2003


  • Zak's Progress

    No Comments August 15, 2003


  • That's it, I'm getting a vasectomy!

    No Comments August 9, 2003

    Well, after being told that we would never have kids (my problem mainly) we've currently got two of the little buggers. India who's 2 and a bit years and Zak who's 4 months. … more

  • Set list for 9 Aug

    No Comments August 5, 2003

    For those who are thinking about coming down to Finn M'Couls on Saturday to hear the awesome (!) Shirley Temple Pilots, here's the running order: Kill The King [Rainbow] Basket Case [Green Day] … more

  • Not Unlucky

    No Comments June 14, 2003

    Zak's now 13 weeks old, so here's a picture taken this morning. He's turning into quite a chunky little ginger nut, and still manages to scream every single time we sit down to eat, but we still love … more

  • Water Baby

    No Comments June 14, 2003

    Since the sun was out today (a minor miracle in this country), it seemed appropriate to let small person number one soak herself in her paddling pool. Photographic evidence follows. more

  • Megan Stopford

    No Comments May 4, 2002

    It is with huge regret that I have to announce the death of Megan Stopford, my Grandmother and India's Great-Grandmother. She died suddenly this morning, aged 83. She will be sorely missed. more

  • MCSD Completed

    No Comments February 28, 2002

    Andrew, Sachin and I finally passed our MCSD exams today, which means that we now have the dubious honour of being able to use the MCSD logo and put the letters after our names. Even more excitingly, … more

  • I'm Dreaming Of A Naff Christmas

    No Comments December 17, 2001

    There are times when I truly despair about people, and although my wife accuses me of being a "Bah! Humbug!" when it comes to Christmas decorations, it has to be said that there are some people who … more

  • Christening Photo

    No Comments December 1, 2001

    India's Christening was today, and of course, several pictures were taken of the event. This one of India with her Great Grandmother though is my favourite. more

  • Photos

    No Comments November 9, 2001

    What's the point of having your own website if you don't put pictures of your (nearly) six month old daughter on it? There isn't. So here's a couple. more

  • Carnival Pictures

    No Comments November 3, 2001

    Now, don't get excited. Yeovil isn't exactly, erm, Rio... Anyhoo, Bec found a picture of us on the YDR FM website. There's a link if you're interested. I don't blame you if you're not. If you are … more

  • ADSL Addict

    No Comments October 26, 2001

    Y'know, there are times when living in a technological cul-de-sac is a positive advantage. Let me explain; I now have ADSL installed at home, which is damn cool. What's even cooler, is that because … more

  • New Arrival!

    No Comments May 16, 2001

    At 03:26 this morning, my wife Beccy gave birth to our first child, a daughter called India Sian Courtenay. Both mother and daughter were allowed to go home this afternoon, and are doing very well … more

  • Photographic Evidence

    No Comments April 28, 2001

    Photographic evidence now exists of a previously unknown species - the beached whale. As you can see, the whale has a vaguely female form with a huge lump at the front. The whale seems to have … more

  • Icckle Piccies

    No Comments February 3, 2001

    Ahhh, innit cute? Well, not really at the moment, but if you're as sad as me you might find grainy indecipherable images of my impending offspring interesting. Otherwise, you won't. Ho hum. Anyway, … more

  • Long Haired Git Loses Locks Shock!

    No Comments December 28, 2000

    Yes, the rumours are true. Sad git programmer/shouter is now short-haired sad git programmer/shouter. (Now all I need to start working on losing is some weight - ho hum) Before: After: more